Dive Kwajalein

Shell Island, Kwajalein Atoll
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Visitors arrive via Continental Micronesia and stay on the island of Ebeye at the Anrohasa Hotel. Regular daily dive services are provided by KADRI and include wrecks at 11 different locations:

  1. G-Buoy Wreck, 1965
    Lies on port side in 80 feet of water, harbor craft.

  2. O-Buoy Wreck, 1965
    Upside down in 140 feet of water, munitions, mines, torpedoes, aircraft bombs, artillery shells, propellar shaft separate from wreck.

  3. Barracuda Junction, 1965
    Lies on port side in 145 feet of water facing east towards Kwajalein, 3 inch bow gun, bridge superstructure intact, fire, bow at 95 feet.

  4. P-North Wreck, 1966
    Lies on port side in greater than 150 feet of water, several hundred years north of P-Buoy, many guns.

    P-Buoy Wreck, 1965
    Upright in 160 feet of water, bow anchor winch and gun mount, fire, 100 feet to main deck.

  5. Prinz Eugen, 1946
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    Upside down on Carlson Beach, sister ship to Bismarck, used as a test bed for atomic weapons, entrance into crews quarters at 35 feet, bow at 110 feet.

  6. K-2 Upright Wreck, 1965
    Upright in 160 feet of water, 3 inch bow gun, wide-barreled machine gun on starboard side of wheelhouse, fire, wheelhouse at 95 feet.

    K-2 Side Wreck, 1972
    Lies on starboard side facing eastward in 135 feet of water, gun platform at stern, artillery shells banded in clusters, access to ship at 85 feet.

  7. South Pass Wreck, 1986
    Upright in 95 feet of water, identical to O-Buoy submarine chaser, wooden hull, bow at 70 feet, recently found, not much known.

  8. Ebeye Seaplane
    Upside down in 70 feet of water, 125 foot wing span with four engines.

  9. North Loi Wreck, 1967
    Upright in 150 feet of water, machine gun at bow, superstructure in good condition, not much known.

  10. Shell Island Wrecks
    Two schooner vessels in 110 and 130 feet of water respectively, 200 yards away from each other, identical to North Loi wreck, inner island supply vessels.

  11. Bigej Coastal Tanker, 1944
    Beached at the north tip of Bigej Island.

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