CEN PAC Dive Travel Services arranges dive travel worldwide, and specializes in Micronesia and the Marshall Islands.

Layne Ballard, owner and manager of CEN PAC (Central Pacific Dive Expeditions), was certified and has been diving since 1966.

He has certifications in PADI, NAUI, LA County, and IANTD. As an active divemaster and visitor to most every destination he sells, he can help you determine the perfect destination for your next trip.

Initially, CEN PAC's prime directive was helping the Marshall Islands develop their scuba diving program. It soon became obvious that quite a few of the "dive travel specialists" he was contacting were staffed by non-divers who pulled information from a brochure and booked you where they made the most profit. After being a victim of this in his earlier years, Layne decided to get into the business and provide "hands on, personalized" service to dive travelers.

Layne is a member of PATA Micronesia and makes constant visits to the operators in the Pacific to make sure that what they promise is what they deliver.

Using the contacts he has made over the last 30 years, working directly with only the most reliable operators, and networking with a number of very reliable wholesalers, Layne can help you determine the best possible options for your next trip. Layne's philosophy is, "you are the customer and I'll get you where you want to go at a reasonable cost."

While Micronesia is CEN PAC's primary speciality, they realize that divers want to visit as many diverse destinations as possible. They pride themselves in being objective and making sure you get honest information and help about any destination you are considering. If they can't book you directly, they will provide you with a referral to a knowledgeable specialist in that area.

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